Dura-Bind Gaffer Tape, Premium Black 2 inches x 30 Yards, Matte Fabric Cloth Tape, Safe for Floor & Wall, Leaves No Residue, Pro Blackout Non-Reflective protapes for Painters, Electrical Cords Cable

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Looking for your handy champion on set, and in many other situations?     Dura-Bind Gaffer Tape is here to meet that need. You can rely on our premium quality tape to corral and guide cables and wires of all types and sizes, allowing for an uncluttered stage, set, studio and beyond. Our tape is also used by gaffers as a vital tool for blocking scenes, essential for spiking a stage, and other floor markings on set.   When you place our gaffer tape on your stage, walls, consoles, camera equipment and more you can rest assured that it will leave no messy residue behind. Dura-Bind Gaffer Tape is used on a short-term basis by professionals who don’t have time to clean sticky residue off floors and cables after the show, or once filming has wrapped.    Our Gaffer Tape is smooth and non-reflective, with a reliable cloth base that allows you to tear easily, and in every direction. This allows for endless uses, including labeling, repairs to shoes, windows and beyond, and even book binding.    If you are searching for a professional grade gaffer tape, look no further for this toolbox essential. Dura-Bind products are a trusted brand across multiple industries for all your tape and glue needs.     ADD TO CART now!

Size: 2in x 30yd

NO MESS, NO STRESS – Worried about residue being left behind? Our gaffers tape removes easily and cleanly, leaving no glue or mess behind. Leave your stage, set, walls, console or any other surface the way you found it – clean and free of unwanted sticky residue.

CONQUER YOUR CABLES WITH EASE – Dura-Bind Gaffer Tape is professional grade and will confidently hold down your cables and wires well. Collect and guide many different types of cables and equipment with a premium quality product that will tear easily, adhere in place, and remove easily when you want it to.

LIGHTS, CAMERA, ACTION! WITHOUT DISTRACTION – Our popular gaffer’s tape is smooth and non-reflective, perfect for discreet use on sets and stages. Use our black gaff tape to reliably do your job without distracting the audience. Perfect for spiking a stage, use in a theater, music studio and all production spaces, as well as for photography.

CONFIDENCE IN EVERY SITUATION – Dura-Bind Gaffer Tape is a vital tool in every supply kit with endless uses. Rip horizontally and vertically to achieve the exact size and shape you need. Use it for wrapping your camera cord, labeling, to help with repairs, to cover your laptop camera, for book binding, for musicians, DJ equipment, and so much more!

FEEL THE STRENGTH OF PREMIUM QUALITY – Our gaffer tape is made with a strong coated cloth base and natural rubber adhesive. Our tape has a high tensile strength, promising you durability and flexibility every time.

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