Yismo Partners

We offer merchants the option of selling their merchandise on Yismo.com. Opening the doors to millions of customers. We can accept individual products and import list.

We charge a fee of 6-8% of the sale, depending on the product type, plus a fixed fee of $1.00 per item. Accounts in good standing are send payment on a weekly basis while new accounts may take up to a month to receive fill payment for products sold.

Retailers looking to offer their products for sale on Yismo.com must have the meet the following criteria:

  1. Products must top quality, in-demand and brand name. We do not allow selling white label products.
  2. You should have all the product information, including: SKU, UPC, 3-5 high quality images and a full description.
  3. We can only accept products that are already on the Yismo.com if you have cheaper pricing.
  4. You must offer free shipping on all items sold on Yismo.com. We also expect items to go out on a timely basis and provide high quality customer service.
  5. All items must be in stock. We will not allow drop-shipping items.
  6. Product pricing must be lower than competing merchants on the internet.
  7. All products sold come with a 45 day return policy

Please ensure all the above points are followed or we may drop your product offering without notice.

To inquire about listing your products on Yismo.com please use the form below.