Dura-Bind Clear Double Sided Nano Tape. Heavy Duty, Strong Adhesive Mounting Tape (10 ft.)

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Please Note Nano Tapes are not recommended for use on rough painted walls, wet surfaces or uneven surfaces. Though they will often work on these surfaces, Nano tape works best on smooth surfaces such as metal, plastic, glass, tile, laminate and so on.

When applying, press down hard and hold for about 20 seconds, this will ensure full contact with the surface and create long-lasting adhesion. To avoid possible damage, do not use the tape to hold heavy objects or valuables. ADD TO CART while quantities last!

Step into the future - Nano tape technology is the next generation of heavy duty double sided tape technology. Using premium grade acrylic gel and pressure-sensitive adhesive technology, Dura-Bind Nano Tape leaves your usual double sided tapes and mounting tapes in the past.

Use with ease and speed - Leave your tools in the cupboard and adhere countless items to almost any smooth surface without any drilling, holes or damage to your walls. Very user friendly, simply cut to any length, attach to a clean, smooth surface, and press items to adhere. You don’t need to wait for any drying or curing time, and Dura-Bind Nano Tape can always be easily removed and reused.

Removable and reusable so you can sleep easy - When it comes time to remove, simply pull gently on one end and slowly pull off the surface. Even though it is super sticky it does not leave any residue due to our next gen technology. Dura-Bind Nano Tape can be used multiple times, and if it has picked up any dust or dirt it can be washed and left to dry before using it again. Very renter friendly and perfect for dorm rooms, offices, campers, RV’s and anywhere you need a heavy duty two sided tape. Constantly comes in handy - Dura-Bind Nano Tape is waterproof and works great both indoor and outdoor.

Our 1 inch wide Nano Tape comes in multiple lengths and is great as a poster tape and picture hanging tape, it is often used just like Alien Tape as seen on TV, works great as EZ pass adhesive mounting strips, and to mount many other items and decorations in your car. Use this premium grade Nano tech tape to hang holiday lights and decorations around your home, to install wall panels, led lights under cabinets, to mount power sockets, install hooks in your home, frames and more. Nano Tape can be cut into wall mounting strips, and is a must-have tool for creating the ultimate computer station or gaming set-up.

Perfect for securing carpets, rugs and rug pads around your space as well. A multi-purpose tool you will find yourself reaching for again and again. RISK FREE GUARANTEE - If you aren’t fully satisfied with your Dura-Bind Nano Tape we will offer a full, 30-day, money-back guarantee with no questions asked.

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