Tech21 Evo Check Series Gel Case for Samsung Galaxy S10e - Smokey Black

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Super slim and lightweight, the Tech21™ Evo Check absorbs, repels and dissipates potential shock damage using ultra-efficient FlexShock technology. Its raised bezels help protect your screen from potential scrapes and dings.

Dependable protection.
Defend your phone against falls up to 12 feet.* The Tech 21 Evo Check uses 3 layers of protection and FlexShock material to help shield your Galaxy S10e against impact damage.

The power of Impactology™.
Get the most out of your phone case. Impactology combines scientifically-tested materials, smart designs and user-friendly features to create cases that enhance your smartphone's beauty while surrounding it with premium impact protection.

Stay protected with FlexShock.
A cutting-edge hybrid material with multiple stages of protection, FlexShock absorbs and repels the energy of impact before dissipating any remainders through its molecular structure. It uses geometric structures, like honeycombs, to enhance your phone's protection.
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