Q Link Wireless Bring Your Own Phone & Number SIM Card

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  • Q Link Wireless now offers you a 3-in-1 SIM Card Kit to connect to our reliable 4G LTE/5G nationwide.
  • Kit includes: SIM Card to customize your size of nano, micro or standard to begin the activation process for unlocked GSM that are compatible with our reliable 4G LTE/5G network. All you need to do is insert the right size into your phone to become part of the Q Link Wireless family.
  • Eligibility: Our Q Link SIM Card Kit does not automatically enroll you in or guarantee you are eligible to receive Lifeline benefits. Use this SIM to activate your Lifeline service once you are approved by bringing your Own Phone.
  • How it works: If you currently participate in government programs, such as SNAP and Medicaid, you may be eligible for this service. If you qualify, you can bring your phone and keep your number with FREE 3 Gigs of Data every month!
  • Why Q Link Wireless: Put money back in your pocket with the most reliable 4G LTE/5G network in America. Our quick and easy sign-up process will let you get your phone activated today. There are no activation fees or hidden costs. If you already participate in government programs, such as SNAP and Medicaid, you are eligible to apply for 3 Gigs of Data, plus UNLIMITED talk & text for FREE. Forget phone bills and connect to loved ones, employers and emergency services.

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