NITECORE NL1485 850mAh 14500 High Performance Li-ion Rechargeable Battery

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The NITECORE NL1485 is an 850mAh 14500 rechargeable button-top battery designed for use in high drain devices like your favorite flashlights, lanterns, headlamps, and more. We love to pair it with the NITECORE EA11 or NITECORE MT10A flashlights.

This battery has advanced safety features like a microporous barrier protecting internal components and nickel plated stainless steel protectors offering external protection. High performance internal circuitry prevents overcharge, over-discharge and short-circuiting to keep you and your devices safe.

  • NITECORE 14500 850mAh high capacity battery with outstanding performance
  • Suitable for various high-intensity LED flashlights like the NITECORE EA11, NITECORE MT10A and more
  • 4 internal and 3 external safety features
  • Built in overcharge and over discharge protection to increase battery lifespan
  • Designed to last over 500 charge cycles

UPC: 6952506492398

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